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The story so far of Doncaster Gate Hospital, Rotherham

inside view of the hospital
In August 2007 Andy Buck, chief executive of Rotherham Primary Care trust contacted Rotherham Local History Council for some details of the history of the Doncaster Gate Hospital site. This was followed by Steering Group meetings led by PCT members who expressed surprise that the people invited to the meeting were at all bothered about the buildings. Their brief was to assemble interested people to record their memories and memorabilia on the site. To this end they applied for and received a Heritage Lottery Grant of £49,000!

We attended two Steering Group meetings and it became clear that in our opinion the “History Project” could only be described as a sop as they had no concern about the buildings and the continued use. Duncan Smales, PCT Commissioning and Change Officer, attended one meeting and explained that the PCT would sell the site to the highest bidder. At this point it was decided that we could not continue to attend meetings of the Steering Group as we believed the site has to be saved for community use and not sold to developers to demolish.

We have held two informal meetings where decisions have been taken to safeguard the site.

These have included –
            To apply to English Heritage for listed status
            To contact the council for them to explain their position on our aims
            To safeguard the plaques and various memorabilia that are on site before the closure.

All these decisions have been acted on and Karl Battersby, Strategic Director of Environment and Development services for the council has stated that the town centre conservation area will be extended to include part of the site and also that the council do not intend to purchase them or re-use them to provide library or archive services.

Further decisions that are being acted on are –

To write to various councillors and MP Denis MacShane

To distribute petitions to local history groups calling for the safeguarding of   
            the site

To build a website
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