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Doncaster Gate Hospital is up for sale by the council at the moment as they have finished using it as an interim facility, so the fight to save the building is not over yet.

Also they are delaying extending the Conservation Area to cover Doncaster Gate itself pleading that the conservation team need to work on other projects. This has been ongoing for the last three years so we can only surmise that it is in their interests not to proceed so the site can be sold without restrictions in place.

Stop press; - English Heritage have refused to list Doncaster Gate Hospital buildings. But there is a review process and DGAG are getting together information for an appeal within the 28 days permitted.

* Doncaster Gate Action Group present the petition .... (continued HERE)

* The council has announced intentions to buy the hospital.... (continued HERE)

An update and article regarding the importance of the status of the hospital; Some confusion still exits as to whether Doncaster Gate Hospital is a listed building. We would like to clarify this issue. At present the hospital is not listed but last July we made an application for listing and this is now being considered by the offices of the Secretary of State. .... (continued HERE)
News; Please see HERE for discussion regarding recent Rotherham Advertiser articles and our response.

Welcome to our website – the main aim of which is to safeguard the buildings of Doncaster Gate Hospital, Rotherham and keep them as a community resource.

Rotherham Primary Care trust has stated that the site is to be closed by October 2008 and sold by April 2009. Their main agenda is to sell it to the highest bidder. Rotherham Heritage Association approached the council’s Conservation Office with the possibility of extending the Conservation Area to protect the fine buildings on Doncaster Gate which would provide some protection to the hospital site. We have approached English Heritage with a view of getting the site listed status.

The Doncaster Gate Hospital buildings could lend themselves to many community uses. Among many suggestions are –
* A Local Studies library with room for people to carry our research.
* Safe storage for archives and artefacts.
* Meeting rooms for the many local clubs and groups.
* The Yorks and Lancs Museum will be homeless when the Arts Centre is demolished.
* An extension to the museum to display the many artefacts that Clifton Park Museum does not have room for. The town’s industrial heritage could be celebrated in this way.

Please take a few minutes to look around our website, support our aims, download a petition and lobby the council before Rotherham loses yet another of its historical sites.

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